26/08/2015All news

The Type 23 Power Generation and Machinery Control and Surveillance (MCAS) System Update (PGMU) Project is part of a project to extend the in service operation dates of Type 23 warships in the Royal Navy to meet MOD extended Out of Service Dates.

Hitzinger UK, a subsidiary of its Austrian parent, has secured the £12M contract to deliver new uprated voltage converters to deliver greater power to ensure that the ships remain at the cutting edge of capability, whilst integrating into the existing ships’ complex infrastructure and meeting the significant performance characteristics of the class leading anti-submarine fleet.

Hitzinger has a world renowned reputation for delivering high quality solutions to the world’s armed forces and is proud to be appointed as a key supplier to such a prestigious project increasing its UK presence to ensure programme delivery to the MOD’s exacting requirements the next eight years. Since securing the contract, Hitzinger UK has been able to create new employment opportunities in several core areas including management, consulting and engineering roles. It has also led to Hitzinger expanding its apprenticeship scheme, allowing for increased practical and theoretical training for new trainee engineers. This has led to wider benefits for the local economy with increased pathways opening up for niche expertise as well as allowing for the expansion of Hitzinger UK as a British company with additional personnel, increased market share and increased turnover.